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Forward Notion, LLC

Lug Line Stretch Recovery Rope

Lug Line Stretch Recovery Rope

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Sometimes you need a lug when a yank, snatch, jerk or plain old pull just won't get the job done out on the trail. Our new Lug Line is made of the highest quality domestic nylon double braided into the perfect stretch (kinetic) recovery rope.

This 7/8 inch diameter abrasion resistant braid is built stretchy and strong with a 28,100 pound breaking strength and compact 8 inch eyes that are cast molded with an abrasion resistant polymer coating that will prolong the life of your rope against wear from your vehicle and recovery connections.

Towing at night? We got you covered. "Bright Eye" rope visibility has been added near each cast coated eye and down the rope in small sections at the quarter and half way marks. These light reflective particles added to the abrasive resistant coating light up the rope for a safer recovery after the sun sets and your trail lights, rock lights, phone flash lights and head lamps go on.

Each spliced end is finished with durable whipping thread, locking stitches and Moose Knuckle Offroad embellishments placed within the end loop to keep the FoS (Factor of Safety) and Breaking Strength reminders in close view to always keep safety at the forefront of your recoveries. All these unique features give this recovery rope a one of a kind look, superior performance and the highest quality build available.

Key Features

  • Excels in strength, abrasion resistance and flexibility
  • Predictable controlled elongation
  • Excellent shock absorption, torque-balanced construction
  • Military Spec: MIL-R-24050
  • Forward Notion duffle storage bag with vented bottom included
  • Made in the USA

Rope Specs:

  • MBS (Minimum Breaking Strength): 28,100 lbs
  • SLL (Shock Load Limit): 14,050 lbs
  • FoS (Factor of Safety): 2:1
  • Length: 30, 20 and 10 feet
  • Diameter: 7/8" (0.875inch or 22.225mm)
  • Rope Material: 100% Domestic Nylon
  • Weave: Double Braided Domestic Fibers
  • Eye Length: 8 inch
  • Eye Coating: Cast Coated Abrasive Resistant Polymer
  • Rope Coating: Fiberlock Abrasive Resistant Polymer
  • Visibility: Bright Eye - Light Reflective Particles
  • Rope Color: Gun Gray
  • Casting Color: Boot Brown

Manual: Lug Line Kinetic Recovery Rope Read First Instructions

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