Forward Notion, LLC is a family owned and operated company based in Florida founded in 2018. We design and manufacture innovative Moose Knuckle Offroad products for the off-road recovery, trail riding, wheeling and overlanding community or enthusiast. We take pride in our products using only the highest quality materials and packaging providing you with the best products to help make your next trip out on the trail move enjoyable and easier to manage. It all started with an idea for a solution to a problem that was spreading across the nation...

Truck Nutz Bull Balls Prohibited


As many of you may already know or have found out the hard way, Truck Nuts, Bull Balls or Plastic Bumper Nutz have been prohibited by many states or counties within your state. Hanging these plastic testicles from your hitch receiver or the bumper of your vehicle might run you the risk of getting pulled over for displaying an obscene object from the back of your vehicle, which could end up in a fine and immediate removal. Some states are pushing harder and trying to pass legislation seeking penalties as high as a misdemeanor offense. Here's a couple of articles if you'd like to get up to speed on the crack down on plastic truck balls or bull bumper testicles.

With that said, Moose Knuckle Offroad shackles are a great alternative to hanging plastic testicles from your bumper or hitch receiver while still adding that manly touch to the back of your truck or vehicle. Legal, highly functional and still fun.

If you do have a run-in with the law, our best advice is to teach them about the functionality of the Moose Knuckle Offroad shackle and its utilitarian uses in the off-road, towing and vehicle recovery world.

*Please note: Moose Knuckle Offroad shackles are NOT truck nuts. Forward Notion, LLC is NOT responsible for the display of this product on your vehicle. You, as the customer, assume the risk of law enforcement misinterpreting this product for truck nuts. Forward Notion neither guarantees, nor will it be liable for any damage resulting from its attachment or improper use.

You've been informed!


- Forward Notion, LLC