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Join the Moose Knuckle Offroad Ambassador Program and become part of a team!

Jeep Split Recovery Towing Shackle LED Lights Brand Ambassador

Apply online, showcasing your off-road experiences and enthusiasm for our brand. Our team will review your application, placing you in a tier based on factors like engagement and alignment with our brand. Upon acceptance and based on the tier you are placed in, you will receive a welcome kit and start sharing your adventures with Moose Knuckle Offroad gear. Spread the word, advance through tiers, and enjoy exclusive benefits as you represent our brand.


Red (10% Customer Affiliate)

Joining as an affiliate means earning commissions, community engagement, and flexibility in promoting our products. Track your referrals and commissions with your own account dashboard. Turn your off-roading passion into rewarding opportunities!

Bronze (15% Brand Ambassador)

Starting at 2,000 followers, you are officially apart of the team! Track your referrals and commissions with your own account dashboard. Benefit from boosted commissions, custom coupon codes, branded links, exposure and more.

Silver (15% Brand Ambassador + More)

Beginning at 5,000 followers, you're eligible for our mid-tier ambassador position. Track your referrals and commissions with your own account dashboard. Enjoy boosted commissions, custom coupon codes, branded links, on-boarding accessories, exposure, exclusive content and resources.

Gold (15 % Brand Ambassador + Gear)

With 10,000+ followers, you qualify for our top-tier ambassador position. Track your referrals and commissions with your own account dashboard. Enjoy boosted commissions, custom coupon codes, branded links, personalized Tap Tags/QR codes, a welcome kit, collaboration opportunities receive all the newest product as it is released and more.

*If you feel that you should be placed differently in a tier based on other components (ex. You are just short on the follower count but possess other contributing factors), please contact us and state your case. Alternatively, you can add those details in your application.*

Get Paid & Gear Up

Commission payments are hassle-free and prompt with Moose Knuckle Offroad. Once an order is placed, you can expect your earnings to be processed and sent to you just 15 days after the order placement. We offer three payment methods to ensure seamless transactions, sign up for PayPal, use your earnings as store credit, or upon request to get paid through ACH Wire Transfer. With this streamlined process, you can focus on enjoying your off-road adventures while your earnings roll in.Tacoma Split Recovery Towing Shackle LED Lights

What We Look For

At Moose Knuckle Offroad, we understand that each adventurer brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. Our Ambassador Program offers multiple tiers, each with its own eligibility requirements and benefits. Here's what we look for:
  • Revenue Generation: Ambassadors who drive sales through affiliate links, discount codes, or direct purchases may qualify for higher tiers based on their revenue contribution.
  • Online Influence: We consider metrics such as followers, engagement rates, and reach on social media platforms to gauge your online influence and potential impact as a brand ambassador.
  • Click-through Rates: Ambassadors who effectively drive traffic to our website through their content and promotional efforts may be rewarded with advancement to higher tiers.
  • Content Quality: The quality of your content, including photos, videos, and written posts, plays a significant role in determining your tier placement. High-quality, engaging content is key.
  • Consistency and Activity: Ambassadors who consistently produce content, engage with our brand and community, and actively participate in promotional activities are more likely to progress to higher tiers.
  • Advance Your Tier: As you continue to excel in the program, you may have the opportunity to advance to higher tiers with increased benefits and rewards. Higher tiers are often based on factors like revenue generation, engagement, and content quality.
Our Ambassador Program offers various perks and rewards at each tier, including exclusive discounts, product samples, event invitations, and more.

Join our team and become a Brand Ambassador by using the link below:

Link to Brand Ambassador Request

Let's conquer new trails and reach new heights!

Getting Featured

Want to be featured as one of our ambassadors on our pages?

Here's how:

  • Tag Us : When you're tearing up the trails, don't forget to tag us (@moose_knuckle_offroad) and use our branded hashtags. Let the off-road community know who fuels your adventures and keeps you equipped for the journey ahead.
  • Conquer the Trails : Hit the trails in style with our gear and accessories! Capture the essence of off-road exploration with stunning photos and videos showcasing our products in action.
  • Stay True to Your Roots : Stay authentic and true to the off-road lifestyle. Whether you're a seasoned trail veteran or a weekend warrior, your passion for exploration and rugged terrain shines through in your content.
Moose Knuckle Offroad Brand Ambassador and Affiliate Tiers

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QR Codes & Tap Tags

Moose Knuckle Offroad Tap Tag NFC QR Code Stickers for Affiliate Commissions

As a Moose Knuckle Offroad affiliate, you have the opportunity to utilize personalized Tap Tags/QR codes. These unique codes can be affixed to your vehicles, serving as direct gateways to our website with your affiliate link seamlessly integrated. When potential customers scan these codes, they are immediately directed to our platform, ensuring that any purchases are credited to you. This innovative approach not only simplifies the referral process but also enhances your earning potential as an affiliate.

Tap Tag Jeep Moose Knuckle Offroad Recovery Gear Stickers QR Codes Brand Ambassador

How to Become a Brand Ambassador

If you're ready to take your love for our brand to the next level and become an ambassador, click the button below to fill out our application form and get started!

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