B'oh Spin Pin Shackle Tech Specs

A twist (pun intented) on a standard D-ring bow recovery shackle our new grape escape B'oh shackle incorporates an innovative Two Finger Spin Pin design to keep your pins and shackles joined together out on the trail. No more lost pins!

We collaborated with our partners over at Owyhee Offroad Parts to solve the lost pin and lanyard tangle problem by adding a grooved channel around the pin flange that holds a weather resistant stainless steel spin ring that spins freely while you rotate the pin when removing or replacing the pin in the shackle body. This allows the lanyard to stay in one position, out of the way, without wrapping the lanyard around the pin as you tighten or loosen your shackle.

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Mooose Knuckle Offroad Overlanding Lanyard B'oh Bow Shackle Product Details

Product Details

  1. Where a lanyard would normally be attached and in the way this spin pin design leaves your pin hole empty so you can insert a spud wrench or other tool to tighten or loosen your pin without tangling or damaging the lanyard while incorporating a free spinning corrosion resistant stainless steel lanyard ring which allows the pin to spin independently of the lanyard.
  2. The durable lanyard is made of 7 strand stainless 210 lb wire rope coated in black vinyl so it will not scratch your shackle or bumper as you bump your way down the trail.
  3. Tapered Profile: Unlike a traditional lifting shackles we beef up this 3/4 inch bow shackle by giving the body side profile a taper that thickens and adds more material through the length of the shackle making it extremely safe and strong to handle the toughest recoveries.
  4. Durable weather-proof powder coated finish available in many popular colors to match the color scheme of your Jeep, 4x4 truck or off-road vehicle. Raw Dog unfinished option also available so you can take it to your local powder coat or paint shop to color match your ride.
  5. Debossed letters on the lower half of shackle body prevents tearing, fraying, snagging and other damage to synthetic winch lines, tree savers, snatch ropes, tow straps, soft shackles and other vehicle recovery accessories.
  6. Unlike shackles with hard edges this soft shackle friendly design has large rounded curves on all inner and outer edges in the areas your soft shackles, ropes eyes and strap eyes will be connected to be easy on the fibers and prolong the life of your gear.



Moose Knuckle Offroad B'oh Two Finger Spin Pin Recovery Bow Lanyard Overlanding Shackle Body Dimensions


Moose Knuckle Offroad B'oh Shackle Spin Pin Recovery Dring Wheeling Lanyard Shackle Pin Dimensions

Assembled Dimensions

  • Height: 137.9mm (5.43in)
  • Length: 111.5mm (4.39in)
  • Width: 50.5mm (1.99in)
  • Weight: 56.0oz (3.50 lbs)
  • Width Between Eyes: 31.75mm (1.25in)


  • Shackle Size Catagory: 3/4"
  • Pin Style: Screw Pin + Spin Pin Stainless Steel Lanyard Eye
  • Pin Diameter: 7/8" (0.875in)
  • Thread Size: M22 x 2.5mm 6H/6g
  • Pin Material: Carbon Steel
  • Body Material: Carbon Steel


  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 10,000lbs or 5T (Tons)
  • Minimum Required Break Strength (MBS): 50,000lbs
  • Factor of Safety (FoS) or Design Factor: 5:1

Break Test Results

Peak Load



Moose Knuckle Offroad B'oh Two Finger Spin Pin Lanyard Recovery Shackle Break Test Results