Mohawk 1.25 Shackle Receiver Tech Specs

The Mohawk 1.25 is warm forged using 6082 aluminum with the grain flow orientated to maximize the strength of your connection point providing a work load limit of 7,000 pounds. This higher quality and higher cost 6082 aluminum also has better mechanical properties and better corrosion resistance compared to 6061.

Two hitch pin holes allow for two receiver mounting positions increasing compatibility with any 1-1/4 inch hitch package. The third hitch pin hole and included spacer allow you to rotate the receiver 90 degrees so you can mount a hitch ball with a 3/4" shank providing a towing tongue weight limit of 300lbs and a gross trailer weight of 3,500lbs while accepting a Class I/II hitch ball.

Most shackle receivers have sharp edges at the connection point which often tear soft shackles, synthetic ropes, tree savers and strap looped ends. The Mohawk 1.25 main mounting hole has a very large radius on the outer edges to reduce abrasion and increase the life of your recovery gear making this ideal for use with any closed loop recovery set up. The spined outer perimeter adds more material where you need it most and gives the Mohawk its aggressive and unique identity.

Product Details

Moose Knuckle Offroad Mohawk 1.25 UTV Shackle Receiver Technical Specs
  1. Manufactured with High Strength Warm Drop Forged 6082 Aluminum
  2. Durable UV and weather proof anodized coating
  3. 1/2" dia. hitch pin hole positioned so you can turn the receiver 90 degrees to use it as a Class I/II trailer hitch ball mount with a T.W. (Tongue Weight) Limit of 300lbs (Grade 8 Steel spacer is included to adapt hitch balls with 3/4 inch shank dia.)
  4. WLL (Work Load Limit) 3.5 ton or 7,000lbs
  5. Spined Mohawk shackle mount adds extra material where you need it most for increased strength and a unique design
  6. Laser etched logos and max load specs
  7. Fits any trailer hitch receiver with a square hole size of 1.25 inches. Can also be used with a Class III or IV 2.0 inch trailer hitch tube receiver with the use of a Class I/II to Class III/IV adapter (not included)
  8. Two 1/2" Hitch pin holes for preferred positioning
  9. G.T.W. (Gross Trailer Weight): 3,500lbs
  10. Large radius around the shackle mounting hole is designed specifically to increase the life and prevent tearing of your soft shackles
  11. Designed for 5/8" with a 3/4" pin dia.(using included sleeve), 3/4" tow shackles with a 7/8" pin dia. and soft shackles rope sizes up to 7/8" dia.


Moose Knuckle Offroad Mohawk 1.25 Recovery UTV and Side by Side Soft Shackle Receiver Dimensions

Assembled Dimensions

  • Length: 174.49mm (6.87in)
  • Width: 31.75mm (1.25in)
  • Height: 56.88mm (2.24in)
  • Weight: 14.13oz (0.88lbs)


  • Receiver Size Catagory: 1.25"
  • Material: High Strength Warm Forged 6082 Aluminum
  • Shackle Pin Hole Diameter: 7/8" (0.875")
  • Hitch Pin Hole Diameter: 1/2" (0.5")


  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 7,000lbs or 3.5T (Tons)
  • Minimum Required Break Strength (MBS): 35,000lbs
  • Factor of Safety (FoS) or Design Factor: 5:1
  • Gross Trailer Weight (G.T.W.): 3,500lbs
  • Tongue Weight Limit (T.W.): 350lbs