Moose Knuckles are designed as a functional towing, recovery or pulling accessory that coincidentally looks like balls, nuts or testicles. This unique man shaped D-Ring is designed to prevent your recovery, snatch or tow rope from over tightening. This is accomplished by keeping separation between the rope when it is attached to the shackle in a slip knot fashion. The bump on the inside of the Moose Knuckle spreads the rope apart as it wraps around and tightens. Since the rope is held apart it is unable to tighten further when a heavy load or pull is applied. This bump divider also acts as a separator when two hooks or master links are attached when pulling or lifting.

Additionally, the Patent Pending man shape of the outside of the Moose Knuckle provides a gap on the bottom side to insert a pry bar, screwdriver or tool between the rope’s slip knot so you can pry the knot loose more easily in the event that it does get a little stuck. On a normal shaped lifting ring or D-Ring without this bump and gap a slip knot will slide or bunch together and tighten down so tight that you often have to beat the rope knot with a hammer to loosen the slip knot which often leads to damaging the rope loop stands and decreasing the life of your tow, snatch or recovery rope. A damaged rope can lead to breakage which can possibly lead to vehicle damage or even injury.


Moose Knuckle XL Recovery D-Ring Shackle that looks like Truck Nuts
  1. High-strength carbon steel pin fits any 7/8" shackle hitch receiver or bumper mounts.
  2. Center divider separates snatch rope or tow strap slip knots to avoid over-lapping which prevents over-tightening for easy removal. Middle bump also maintains separation between tree saver looped ends, multiple soft shackles and other attachments to avoid over-lap abrasion increasing the life of your gear. (See example images below)
  3. Durable weather-proof powder coated finish available in many popular colors to match the color scheme of your Jeep, 4x4 truck or off-road vehicle. Raw Dog unfinished option also available so you can take it to your local powder coat or paint shop to color match your ride.
  4. 3/4" B-Ring shackle design forged from high-strength carbon steel manufactured to ASME 30.26 standards. (Meets or exceeds but not certified at this time)
  5. Metric M22 class 6H/6g threads compatible with most popular metric threaded 3/4" D-Ring recovery, towing or lifting shackles.
  6. 5 Ton (10,000lb) Work Load Limit (*Manufactured to ASME 30.26 standards, but not certified)
  7. Debossed letters on the lower half of shackle body prevents tearing, fraying, snagging and other damage to synthetic winch lines, tree savers, snatch ropes, tow straps, soft shackles and other vehicle recovery accessories.
  8. Lower gap prevents snatch rope or tow strap slip knot from over tightening for easy removal.
  9. And it looks like...


Moose Knuckle XL B-Ring Recovery Shackle Body Dimensions


Moose Knuckle XL Jeep D-Ring Tow Hook Recovery Shackle Pin Dimensions