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Forward Notion, LLC

Jawse Fairlead Winch Rope Thimble Covers

Jawse Fairlead Winch Rope Thimble Covers

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These winch rope eye thimble cover medallions allow you to customize the look of our innovative Jawse Fairlead system offering complete protection of the most vulnerable part of your winch rope, the rope eye thimble. Keep your synthetic rope fibers hidden from the UV rays, elements and abuse of everyday driving or the harshest of trail conditions increasing the life span and strength of your winch rope so it is recovery ready on your next off-road or overlanding adventure. Available in 13 lightweight durable 95A durometer impact resistant TPU colors so you can customize or match the look of your build.


  • Material: Lightweight Impact Resistant TPU
  • Color: 13 Colors Available (Use the dropdown menu to choose)
  • Available Sizes: 5/8 and 3/4
  • 5/8 Medallion Dimensions: Accepts 3/4" (0.75in) shackle pin diameter and 1.06" space between shackle ears
  • 3/4 Medallion Dimensions: Accepts 7/8" (0.875in) shackle pin diameter and 1.25" space between shackle ears

Package Contents:

  • 2 qty Thimble Covers: (Use Drop Down Menu to Choose Color)
    • 1 qty: 5/8 Thimble Cover Medallion
    • 1 qty: 3/4 Thimble Cover Medallion

**Product only includes two thimble covers. Fairlead or shackles are not included.

Manual: Jawse 10 inch Hawse Fairlead Read First Instructions

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