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Forward Notion, LLC

Mohawk Mock Lock

Mohawk Mock Lock

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Yet another innovation and new addition to our popular Mohawk series of products this unique spring loaded hitch pin Mock Lock offers you a quick change option for all your towing and recovery hitch tube gear designed to deter thieves on and off the trail.

This spring loaded quick release locking pin is designed to look identical to our Mohawk Keyed lock so your common thief will take a look then take a pass on an attempt to steal your gear leaving you with the ease and quickness to swap out or install your hitch or shackle receiver in seconds. The Mock Lock comes with a durable gnurled easy-to-grip housing so you can engage and disengage the pin easily with a simple push, turn and pull. The Lock housing end is covered with a weather resistant rubber logo cap to better sell the illusion that this is a normal keyed hitch lock.

Green and Red dot pin engagement visual references debossed on the pin tell you whether or not you have the hitch pin secured properly. If you see RED then the lock is not secure and is ready for removal. If you see GREEN dots only your pin is engaged, secure and ready for the towing or recovery.

Just remember...

GREEN only means GO!


The hitch pin is made from high strength Grade 8 steel coated in our durable weather resistant Black Lung colored coating. The keyed housing is also Black Lung coated to add to the muted color of this combination so it blends nicely into the shadows of your black hitch mounting bracket under your bumper on the back of your vehicle.

Our trademark Mohawk spine is wrapped around the end of the pin making it easy to grab, remove or insert. The Mohawk pin head comes with our Moose shackle logo stamped deep in the steel so it wont wear off or peal off like other hitch pins often do.

Available in three pin diameters and usable lengths to suite your towing needs each compatible with their corresponding hitch mounting tub pin hole size and hitch towing Class.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a hitch pin and does not lock. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Forward Notion, LLC is not responsible for stolen property.


  • Pin Color: Black Lung
  • Key Housing Color: Gnurled Black Lung
  • Key Type: Two invisible keys included with every Mock Lock...;) wink.
  • Pin Diameter Options:
    • 1/2 inch ( SxS, ATV, UTV and small cars )
    • 5/8 inch ( Most Common size for Jeeps, Tacomas and Full Size Trucks )
    • 3/4 inch ( Large Trucks and Tractors with 3.0" Class V Hitch Tube )
  • Usable Length Options:
    • 1/2 inch - 3.0 inches
    • 5/8 inch - 3.5 inches
    • 3/4 inch - 4.0 inches
  • Hitch Class:
    • 1/2 inch - CLASS I/II ( 1.25" Hitch Tube )
    • 5/8 inch - CLASS III/IV/V ( 2.0" and 2.5" Hitch Tube )
    • 3/4 inch - CLASS V ( 3.0" Hitch Tube )
  • Pin Material: Grade 8 Steel
  • Key Housing Material: Grade 8 Steel

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