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Moose Knuckle Offroad Rattle Rings

Moose Knuckle Offroad Rattle Rings

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Remove those annoying rattles that ring out across your bumpers during your bumpy off-road trail rides or overlanding adventures with our high quality recovery rattle rings shackle spacers isolators disk donut thingy's. ;)

These high density nylon washers will evenly space and isolate your shackles on your custom bumper shackle mounts or any other shackle mounting gusset that is too narrow for your shackle while at the same time protecting the powder coating on both your shackles and your bumpers to increase the life your gear.

We chose high quality higher density Nylon 6/6 over softer Urethane or Silicone to help your shackle twist less and stay straighter during your vehicle recoveries. This reduces edge binding and friction between the shackle pin and those sometimes sharp edges of your shackle bumper mounts helping to maintain the strength of the shackle pin while also prolonging the life of your recovery equipment.

Two different thickness washers are included so you can mix and match sizes to find the perfect tightness to quiet down your ride. Available in 10 popular colors to match your rig or add that subtle accent color.

Package includes: 8 washers - 4qty: 3.0mm + 4qty: 2.0mm + 1qty: Moose Knuckle Offroad Decal


  • Item: Moose Knuckle Offroad Rattle Rings Shackle Washers
  • Fitment: For use with 3/4" Shackles with a pin diameter of 7/8"
  • Outside diameter: 36.0mm (1.417")
  • Inside Diameter: 23.0mm (0.906")
  • Thickness: 4 qty - 3.0mm (.118")
  • Thickness: 4 qty - 2.0mm (.079")
  • Washer Material: Nylon 6/6

Color Options:

Grape Escape - PMS Medium Purple C

Blue Balls - PMS 2728C

Sublime Green - PMS 368C

Detonator Yellow - PMS 7549C (Jeep)

Obscene Orange - PMS 165C (Jeep)

Flame Red - PMS 1795C (Jeep)

Pretty Pink - PMS 7423C

Black Hole - 100% Black

Gun Gray - PMS Cool Gray 8C

Pure White - 100% White

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