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Jowl SxS Recovery Split Shackle 5/8

Jowl SxS Recovery Split Shackle 5/8

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COMBINE TWO COLORS!!!! Combo colors sold as pairs and include two shackles. (GET 10% OFF!!) Use the DROPDOWN MENU above the Add to Cart button to choose your color combo.

Introducing the "patent pending" JOWL SxS 5/8 inch recovery split shackle designed especially for smaller off-road vehicle like SxS's, ATV's and UTV's. Our innovative split "J" recovery shackle design eliminates the need for tools or soft shackles while making rope and strap connections faster eliminating the need to remove your shackles from your bumper or hitch receiver to make a connection, hook up a rope or strap out on the trail. Fast TOOL-LESS closed loop recovery finally made easy!!


Just open up the Jowl shackle hooked sides, insert your recovery rope or tow strap looped end, rotate the end of the tow rope or strap to engage both sides of the shackle, pull tight and you are ready to recover your stuck vehicle.

We designed our smaller 5/8 Jowl SxS with a standard bow shackle shape for those SxS, ATV, UTV and Off-roaders who prefer a more traditional shackle look on their rigs. Built in pull angle stops are visual reminders that give you feedback to help you keep your pull angles low keeping your recovery safe and as efficient as possible.

The Jowl SxS Recovery Shackle fits any 1.25 or 2.0 inch tow shackle receiver, soft shackle receiver hitch bracket mount or bumper tow point with a 3/4" (0.75") pin hole and a mounting bracket width of 1 inch (1.0") or less.

All color options are fully interchangeable. Buy two different color shackles and combine them to match the color scheme of your rig and give your build a more custom accented look. The hooked sides are fully covered with a durable powder coating pantone color matched to popular truck and Jeep colors. The shackle pin is Black Nickel plated and machined from High Strength Grade 8 Carbon Steel.

This 3.5T (7,000 LB WLL) forged carbon steel shackle is guaranteed to speed up vehicle recovery so you can spend more time enjoying the trail instead or being stuck in it.

Built in rubber anti-chatter pads stop the hooked sides from rattling against each other as you navigate the roughest trails.

Each shackle includes six durable nylon shackle isolators. Two 3.0mm thick washers, two 2.0mm thick washers and two 1.0mm washers help you center your Jowl shackle on any width bumper shackle mount, gusset, wench rope or shackle receiver.

We made mounting the Jowl easy. The shackle pin is secured by two Metric M14 cap screws that accept any 1/4" socket wrench. Just grab two 1/4 inch ratchets and easily remove or attach the shackle to your vehicle without the need to find the correct allen keys or hex wrenches out on the trail. (Bonus: only one screw needs to be removed to attach or remove the shackle from your vehicle adding to the speed and functionality of this design.)

Single color is sold as one shackle

All two color combos are sold as pairs and include two shackles

Black Hole - 100% Black

Gun Gray - PMS 425C

Pure White - 100% White

Grape Escape - PMS Purple C

Blue Balls - PMS 2728C (Jeep)

Sublime Green - PMS 368C (Jeep)

Detonator Yellow - PMS 7549C (Jeep)

Obscene Orange - PMS 165C (Jeep)

Flame Red - PMS 1795C (Jeep)

Pretty Pink - PMS 7423C

Nice Gal - Galvanized

Brass Knuckle - Yellow Zinc Coated

Raw Dog - Uncoated (See warning below - will rust if left uncoated)

The "Raw Dog" uncoated option is ready to add primer and paint or powder coating so you can color match your vehicle or just add any finish of your choosing. Only the Jowl hooked bodies should be powder coated, not the pin. Coating the pin will hinder the assembly functionality. (***Please note: this option will show signs of weathering and rust if left uncoated.)


  • Item: Anchor Shackle
  • Color: Raw Dog
  • Pin Style: Proprietary Design
  • WLL: 7,000 lb.
  • Width Between Ears: 1.06 inches (1.06")
  • Body Finish: Powder Coated
  • Pin Finish: Black Nickel Plated
  • Pin Diameter: 3/4" (0.75")
  • Thread Size: M14 x 2.0mm
  • Pin Material: Grade 8 Carbon Steel
  • Body Material: Chromoly Steel
  • Patent Pending

Manual: Jowl Split Shackle 5/8 Read First Instructions

Manual: Raw Dog Custom Color Coating Instructions

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